🛡️Can I install anonsurf or Kalitorify in Zorin OS?

Linux distro’s like ParrotSec and Kali, has anonsurf by default. I need to install Anonsurf as application in Zorin OS.

See Some issues with Anonsurf and Tor on 18.04 LTS - Ask Ubuntu

On parrotOS Anonsurf and Tor work flawlessy toghether. Why isn't the same on Zorin/Ubuntu ? Even this Installation steps not working bro

It's possible that you may have to use those other OS if it works "work flawlessly together " with them. As you "need" to be hidden while surfing.

Here is another link to look at
How to be Anonymous on Linux

I don’t know. But that begs the question, how many other distros have Anonsurf work on them?

I know Tor is in the repository. I recommend at least taking a look at the alternatives: https://alternativeto.net/software/surf-anonymous-free/?license=opensource&platform=linux
You may see something you like.

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I'm having one doubt bro, Even Kali and ParrotSec are Debian based(Security Oriented) even Ubuntu also Debian based only. Why isn't possible to install anonsurf in Ubuntu based Zorin OS and other distros.

It's available in github.

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It doesn't work properly bro. Anyway thank you brother.

Here, is the official anonsurf by ParrotOS in gitlab.

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Whether it can be able to install in Zorin bro

Changed title to "Can I" instead of "How to".
"How To" is normally used for Tutorials, not help questions.

Ok :anger: @zabadabadoo is there any solution for this topic.

Subject is outside my scope I'm afraid.
Are you still stuck?

Have you tried websearch using "anonsurf Kalitorify Ubuntu 20.04"
That wider search term may give you more hits.

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It looks like the installation is failing due to missing dependencies.

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