Can i install same zorin 16 pro key on my new laptop

I already own a Zorin 16 Pro key using on my primary laptop that i'm about sell and upgrade to a new one, So can i use the same key on new pc or do i have to purchase a new key...


You can install Zorin OS on 1000 computers if you wanted with a PRO key.

Having said that however, if you choose to sell a machine that has Zorin OS PRO using that key on it, you have to relinquish it to them, as it is just like transferring title of a car after the sale has been made.

You then will have to purchase a new licence for all your machines which you intend on installing Zorin OS on, in the future. I edited my post to clarify, after my own misunderstanding.

PS: Many things in the tech world can be so confusing, especially computers, so its understandable...



There is no need to enter a "key" to install Pro version.

But if you going to sell this laptop with Pro version installed, you need to purchase another key for your new machine.

Zorin licence belongs to the user not the computer.

You can install Pro as many computers as you wish provided they all belong to you.


I am afraid that is not correct.
One can install as many computers as one withes provided the computer belongs to the same individual.

If I understand correctly, @asr is talking about selling Zorin Pro pre-installed machine to someone else.

In this case, he needs to purchase another Pro license for his new computer.


I was stating, he can install Zorin OS on 1000 computers, having his registration key. The key is valid, on however many computers of his to install Zorin OS on.

On the specifics of selling that computer, I guess the Zorins consider that like a transfer of title situation. If you sell a car, you don't retain the title, you transfer title over to the next owner.

So if that is what FrenchPress means, then I suppose you do have to purchase one more PRO license. But if you do, I suggest not selling anymore computers with Zorin OS on them, so you don't have to keep re-buying keys then.

These kind of legalities can even calls me to have headaches.


Maybe install Core instead?


That's what I am thinking too.
At any rate, it is recommended to completely format the internal disk and re-install OS to avoid a breach of personal information.


I would not go with just reformatting. Wipe the drive with at least 3 write operations, if you can use encryption then wipe its even better.

Think me paranoid, but i have experienced, several times, the owner reformatting their drive. I received it and performed a check disk, windows none the less, and recovered partitions, directories and files....found.001... i was able to view and recover tax info, photos, movies and so much more, without recovery software.

Write operations that change all the binary to one's then zeros is the only way to ensure security of your data.

That's also why i never buy used hard drives.

Just saying.


@337harvey Can u explain how can i do that i have two Storage Disk installed on my laptop one SSD where the os installed and HDD where my personal data stored.

@FrenchPress @StarTreker Basically Whom i'm going too sell ill install windows 10 on it. i'm not gonna give my Zorin...

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So much for my disk formatting advise...

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I can imagine Windows pre-install machines are easier to sell than Linux machines.

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You can either use bitdefender or gparted. Gparted offers a wipe option and how many iterations you would like. BitDefender offers the ability to encrypt the data during the wipe of however many iterations.

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Yeah Windows 10 Home Key Already installed So...

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How about this inbuilt option

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That's great! I didn't realize they had that. You may not like how long it takes, but is it worth the time to ensure your data isn't recoverable?

Edit: I'd start it and watch a movie or something. Then do your fresh installs and setup for the next person to own it. Even encrypted, overwrite at least twice. Once encrypted and once not.

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