Can i play fortnite on linux

i used to play fortnite on windows and ps4 is there a way to play it without geforce now i have heroic game launcher does it work?

Not that i know of, last i knew Epics anti-cheat software did not work with linux at all, you can try the Heroic launcher which is the linux epic launcher but only some of their games are supported

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i dont want to download 40 Gb without being sure before

so no well thank you anyway

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Whilst Fortnite might work (initially) because Linux has timelag, this is interpreted by host software as cheats being used. Saw this on a YouTube video about a Software House that automatically deems a cheat to be in use due to timelag, even though no cheat is being used.

Doesn't work with the anti-cheat and your account will get get kicked and possibly banned - the issue is not fortnite itself but the anti-cheats software reliance on "authentic" windows files ~ they have even dropped MacOS support even though the game still runs in macOS.

This is not a compatibility issue this is a poor/lazy developer & support issue A company with the funds of Epic can afford to develop a few more lines of code for systems such as Linux and MacOS

is there a chance for them to make it native in 2023

That is a question only Fortnite developers can answer. Try asking on the Fortnite forum.

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