Can I reconfigure my Win11 beta PS by installing Zorin OS 16 Pro, moving Win11 beta to a VM?

I currently run Win11 beta on one of my desktop PC 's. It previously ran Win10 Pro. While it is not my primary work PC, I have several laptops for that purpose.
I'm seeking to upgrade my knowledge and skills, plus learn about the current generations of OS's and Platforms, such as Linux, open-source application, technology platforms and Operational software, such Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes and many more).,

So, I would like to be able to:

  • Package up the existing Windows 11 installation,
  • Install Zorin OS 16 Pro over the original Windows 11 installation, and finally
  • Restore the recent packages back-up if the existing Windows 11 installation,

I have purchased Zorin OS 16 Pro this morning and will be ready to look start the installation process then.

I'm needing to improve my understanding of the identified platforms above, including multiple flavours of Linux . This being done for both employment and personal reasons.

I have a couple of Raspberry Pi's running a couple of different Linux distros (Ubuntu Server and Desktop), but I would also like to learn a Linux version such as Zorin OS 6 on x86/x64 chipset.

So, I am wanted to convert the existing Windows installation into a VM running under Zoriin OS. Any suggestions? Or I being too ambitious?

Yes, you can run Windows 11 beta in VMWare or in VirtualBox. While VMWare has a cost attached, it is a better performer and easier to setup and use.
VMWare or Virtualbox both tend to run just fine in Zorin OS.


Possible, but it will be complicated to set up an existing Windows image (as opposed to a clean installation) in a VM, and you are likely to run into a roadblock -- an OEM license for Windows 10/11 (tied to your motherboard) may not be activated in a VM, whether or not the license is linked to your MSA.

Consider an alternative -- dual booting, either "dual boot, single drive" or "dual boot, dual drive". That's quite easy to do and you'll learn a bit about Linux partitioning while you are setting it up.

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Very glad to have people on here that know Windows better than I do.

also another link

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This software is free vCenter Converter? Can I install this on Zorin and create this vhdx image? What I understand I need some external hard disk create this image and can start this any a linux distribution?

Good to have people what have experience on both side then can sayed what is better on Linux and what is a nightmare on Windows. If I stop playing on windows and try find solution on some programs what I using then I can use only linux what is more friendly for users. If I find solution then I can put some comments here from topic what are not gived a solution and share knowledge how fixed that.

What is better? VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client or Disk2vhd. Both will be recognized in VMware Workstation?
I want trying first VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client but there is many tools to configuration things. Anyone have some experience or can send full tutorial or link video? I will be appreciate.

i hope it will be working.