Can I run an app with different scaling instead of changing the global scaling from display settings

I know I can change scaling from display settings , but that global for all, I like the default scaling value , but some kde apps work better with increasing the value of scaling like kdenlive. I only want to run it with certain scaling.

I have found solution for that but unfortunately it works very good in case of getting big window(scalling more than 100) only. when I try getting small window(scaling less than 100) I get broken interface for the app, I have tried that on kde apps like kdenlive by start command with:

QT_SCALE_FACTOR=0.9 (command of running the app)

or add these line to .profile file

export QT_SCALE_FACTOR=0.9
export QT_FONT_DPI=96

that for kde app, there r other commands for gtk apps, or chromuim browsers in that page:

I think for me to get small window of kde apps without broken interface, I should do that globally from display settings, but it is so burly.

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