Can I uninstall .deb on Zorin 16?

Hey, I'm yet to move to 16, and one thing that makes me not being able to recommend Zorin to anyone coming from windows is that if they need something out of the store (say, chrome, or proprietary software for work), while they can install the .deb easily...

There is no native option to uninstall besides the terminal.

It is something that I find odd because there is a completely functional uninstall option right there after you install it, but the .deb software is never indexed on the gnome store.

The terminal is as native, functional and powerful as it gets.

Are you referring to independent downloaded .deb packages?

On Zorin OS, you have access any package. Which is quite different from Bundled Software on Windows, or M.S. Edge which is locked off. Or like the apps pre-installed on Android that you are disallowed to remove, yet take up the vast majority of drive space.

Also not very windows-newbie friendly.

Yes, I am talking about to the independently installed. If we draw a line of equivalence to them being like .exes, are there plans for an UI to index them and uninstall them?

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I understand. I migrated to Linux from Windows pretty recently as well.
But the beauty of it is in keeping your mind open to learning new things. For example:

sudo apt remove inkscape

That is all I need to do to remvoe inkscape program. One line. While the terminal being unfamiliar may seem "unfriendly", it is a powerful and very useful utility that can benefit you a great deal.
I would hope to encourage you to consider it as much a viable option as a "one Button" uninstaller. Because it is far more versatile and powerful since it is not limited to how many commands it can hold.

I think that this is a very excellent point.
I needed to ask for clarity since any .deb installed through Software (which are also .deb packages except for Snaps or Flatpaks) is recorded and registered in Software.
Manually installed packages (Such as downloading a .deb) packages are also supposed to show up in Software. If yours "aren't", then we need to look into why that is.

I do not use the supplied Software app as I prefer Synaptic Package Manager.
You may also consider using the Synaptic GUI Package Manager and see if it suits your needs better.

sudo apt install synpatic

Once installed, you can open it from the Zorin app menu. Enter your pw and the GUI will open. Use the Search Function on the Top Toolbar to search for the general package name you want to remove.

Hi, I have the same situation and my workaround was download and run the .deb file and the store is going to give you the option to remove it.
Hope it helps.