Can I Upgrade From Zorin16 Pro to 17 Core?

So It's simple:: I don't want to wipe my PC to downgrade completely, and I think I will pass on pro this time. Is there a way to switch repositories? Because when I use the Zorin updater, it only gives me the option to go pro, which I don't have for 17. I want core.

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I can see why the Upgrader would stick with the edition you are using. However, I agree that Pro users should see the option for the Core edition of the next release. In fact, I actually already thought they did.
This may need more testing to be sure.

In the meantime, I am suggesting we move this to the Feedback forum since this is not an installation issue we can solve on the forum, but must be reviewed by the Zorin Upgrader developers.


It is easy to miss, but when you are asked for your key, there is a skip button in the top right of the window. Click that to install core instead of pro.

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Wow! thanks for posting a solution. If the O.P. is satisfied with that, this can be moved back to a Solvable thread.

Alternatively, it can be used as a feedback thread to suggest that the Upgrader have a more visible option for that.

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I had actually missed the option the first time, almost the second time, that I ran the updater. It does exist.

As it is in Gnome fashion, Windows users, and those that use other DEs, may miss it completely.

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Yes, there is a "SKIP" button, however, when you press it, it takes you to the next page that says "Purchase Zorin OS 17 Pro", and you are not able to continue until you enter your email address and support code.
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I never used it, so didn't realize what it said. We should be seeing an update for that shortly.

As has been shared many times, it's a work in progress, along with lite and education.

@staff may want to investigate this.

If you upgrade from 16.3 Core, you get this. I think the same thing should be available no matter what version you are upgrading from.
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Please see this post here: