Can my old laptop run Zorin OS Lite smooth?

Hi!. I’m new at Linux and I want to install Zorin OS in my laptop from 2012, but I don’t know if this system will work. Here is the official page of the laptop.

I plan to switch to Zorin OS in a few weeks, so this information is essential to me
(Sorry for the bad English, I’m Spanish)

Your English is perfect.
Yes, Zorin Lite should run just fine, given those specs. Those specs are similar to what I am using on my machine and I took Zorin Lite and added a couple of Elephants on top of it.
With HP, a small percentage of users meet resistance to the Network Driver, but there is a fix. If you run into any trouble, please ask here at the forum so we can help you get everything working smoothly and well.

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Oh ok. Thanks for helping me!

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