Can new feature requests be submitted?

I don’t see an obvious place to do this. A related question is: Are requests for added features in a bundled utility valid? Or must they be made strictly to the utility developer such as Gitlab? Right now I’m interested in seeing a GUI-based cleaning feature added to the Logs utility, plus similar ability to remove unwanted non-Latin fonts in the Fonts utility.

By cleaning feature are you looking for something like BleachBit?

Stacer would be the obvious choice for clearing Logs:

And somehow integrate KDE’s (Plasma) Font Manager - no need to mess in a terminal for adding or removing fonts - that said Gnome seems to have a lot of interdependence on other elements being present - remove one and the whole thing goes west - Gnome get your beep beep together … NOW! :wink: - I really don’t know who is the biggest culprit, Gnome or Canonical (Ubuntu).

specifically for cleaning out old logs

Thanks, I’ll check out Stacer & download from Sourceforge. I did have some success wiping Noto fonts by hand using the Nemo file manager, but some dependencies gave me pause, so I stopped. Any tips on my original question re where to submit feature requests to the Zorin folks or others?

The best I can suggest is post in feedback. The old forum used to have a development section with sub of ‘brainstorm’. Alternatively ‘Chat about. Zorin’. :wink: