Can paste to home but cant paste to computer disk

cant paste to computer disk
i tried sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda1 but it shows refusing to operate on read write mounted device dev sda 1 and cant change permissions to read and write with nautilus

You have your EFI partition highlighted in your screenshot which you won't be able to write to. That may just be because it is where it was when you launched Disks.

Can you please go into greater detail as to the disk partition in question and where on the disk you are writing to?
is it an External Hard Drive?

i was trying to paste in other locations-computer disk. i can paste in home though.
its 128 gb ssd zorin os is installed on and its the only os on my pc.
i do not know much as i am new to linux. Actually i was trying to rename a file with path computer user libratbag but i cant rename or paste anything here.

That directory is ROOT and requires root permissions.
You must elevate to Root in order to paste files there - however, I do not recommend pasting any files in Root unless you are well versed in what you are doing.

Are you placing files there as part of a software installation?

thanks for quick replies. i guess i wont try to paste files there as it is not that important. i was trying to use piper for mouse light customization but it was not recognizing my mouse so was trying to modify some files as someone suggested me to but its not that important. Thanks again for your time.

This may be a case of the X - Y problem.
We can change the Thread title and switch over this topic to troubleshooting your Mouse Issue.
Modifying files in root is not uncommon. It is best to back up first and proceed with caution and even help from experienced members.

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