Can this laptop from 2007 run Zorin OS Lite fast?

I found my father’s old laptop with Windows Vista. He says that he doesn’t want it back, so I thinked “Why don’t you give this old warrior a second life?” It is a Dell Inspiron 1520

Hope someone helps me! :smiley:

Go for it. What have you got to lose?

A member a while back was using an older Inspiron 1502. He over-all had everything working just fine except One Trouble: Graphics Drivers.
Other options include using Zorin 12.4 Lite.
In my opinion, You would get more from Zorin at a reasonable performance. However, if you want to go for Light and Fast, Antix may be what you want. It is a very simple desktop and OS and it does not come with a lot of frills. This also means, Antix OS may struggle on heavier applications you may want to run on it. And you would be more likely to need to fill more dependencies to install packages.

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As Aravisian said you have nothing to lose.
I have a HP 6910p that is a similar vintage in the fossil records, 2007 ish.
Its a 2x2x2, 2 cores (Dual core or core 2 duo) running at 2Ghz with 2GB RAM.
Had Zorin Lite on it for a time now got Linux Mint Mate both run fine for general tasks, email, Youtube, word processor etc. Also got Windows 10 on it but seems a bit sluggish there.

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Try Zorin Lite.

If it’s too slow try Solus MATE.

If still too slow, there are a bunch including Antix mentioned above. I liked LXLE when I tried it as well.

Nooooh! Not Solus, mate!

Thanks alll you guys for giving me ideas! I guess I’ll use Zorin Lite or Xubuntu.