Can Thunar show file count for folders?

When using Gnome, I had Nautilus use List View and it showed the counts for number of items in folders (or at least I think it did - maybe my memory is worse than I thought). Anything in Thunar for it? I only found this: Thunar Options for Folders - which didn't seem to help (and I'd rather not be clicking each folder to find item count).

In Thunar file manager, up at the top, click on VIEW.

Then make sure STATUS BAR has a check in it.

That should allow Thunar to display number of files, as well as file space info, at the bottom of the file manager.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, ST. I was looking for the file count to show for each folder in the right pane. With your suggestion, I have to already be within the folder in the right pane to see the item count. In Nautilus, I could see the item count for each child folder next to it while being within a parent folder. It was one of the attributes, just like filesize and date.

Thunar lacks this ability.

There is a workaround that can be used- if you do not mind right clicking a folder and getting a Notification window.
This will work in Icon View or in List View.
Click Edit then Configure Custom Actions. Click the Plus sign icon on the right toolbar to add a new action.
You can name it whatever you want... File count works.
Description - unnecessary to fill that in.

output=$(find %N | wc -l) && notify-send "File count" "$output files"

You can set a Keyboard Shortcut for this- if you want.
Use startup notification- unchecked.
Choose an icon if you want one...
Now click the Appearance Conditions tab
Check the "Directories" to on and nothing else.
Click ok. Close out Thunar and relaunch or log out and in and test.

To use, right click the folder you want to see the file count on and then select "File Count" from the Menu. When you click it, it will count for a moment, then a Popup Window will display the number of items contained within.

EDIT: As an aside, Nemo shows item or file count on List view normally.

You are right, Number of items is listed under "Size" column in Nautilus.

Thanks, @Aravisian - ST's method is easier. Thanks also for the Nemo recommendation, I may just try it out if I feel the need for this feature. It's the only remaining feature I'd like so I may just put up with the deficiency.
Thanks to @zabadabadoo for confirming.

Update: .....and I started using Nemo. Very nice. Thanks, Aravisian.

I use 2-file managers based on what I need to do. I use Nemo file manager most of the time for my file managing tasks. But I have to use XFCE file manager in order to easily setup SMB shares, Nemo doesn't apppear to have it integrated like XFCE file manager does.