Can we have a Tiling Window setup in the Pro version as well?

Came here from Pop OS. Honestly Zorin OS is very aesthetically pleasing when compared to Pop OS, but there is one thing that I really miss: tiling window manager. I know that Pop shell can be used with Zorin OS if you are on Gnome, but it would be wonderful if it is is presented as the ninth layout of the Zorin OS pro version and customised to go well with the theme (you can remove the window buttons and title bar in the tiling window manager mode for example). Since tiling window managers are unique to Linux, more beginner friendly distributions implementing such a feature would serve as a good introduction to the Tiling Window managers as well, preserving the uniqueness of Linux.


Welcome to the forum! It's great having newcomers as it keeps the forum alive while helping all to grow in Zorin and Linux in general.

We have a wonderful resource in our search engine above that will help not only yourself but mods as they work to resolve issues not tackled before. simple type what your looking for and see if it lists what you're attempting to solve. below is a solved way to help you from one of our own regulars

tiling fix

hope this helps


Or maybe have a look at this?

He was asking to further integrate it into the os as a layout. I imagine for core and lite variants.

Teszaract i recognize where you're coming from. I'm not sure it would be something used much because people wouldn't know it was available unless it was the default layout. It is a precarious proposition because not everyone enjoys it, but would forced to change from it if they didn't want it. The devs will do whatever they decide. It is a wonderful idea, but i wouldn't hold my breath. Some things make it in and some don't.

There has been suggestions of moving from gnome for core. If this occurs it may be more troublesome to use this (though i think kde has a similar feature). Only time will tell.

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