Can we talk about how amazing the Zorin project actually is?

Seriously, Considering that like 2 people have been working on this since 2009, I am genuinely impressed.

So here's a little recap of what they did so far:

  • Create an Operating System, ready to be used by anyone, and made for anyone.
    and they've been doing that since 2008.
  • Develop their own computer infrastructure management toolkit, or more widely known, the software we call Zorin Grid which is yet to be released
  • Create their own website, forums, help pages, and branding
  • Build a welcoming and nice community
  • get over a MILLION downloads, not counting Mirrors and Torrents (as those aren't counted)
  • they've even made it into the computers of some cities as a replacement for Windows
  • Partnered up with StarLabs and Skikk to release hardware with Zorin OS preinstalled

And honestly, I just want to congratulate them for all that they did above, alone, only through the power of open source and some generous donations, of which there probably aren't even many, I would assume.
Genuinely, congratulations to the ZorinGroup/Zorin Developers/Maintainers, or however else you want to call them, for making such good products, and continuing to do that whilst also having a welcoming community, and doing it for such a long time.

Thank you, Zorin Group! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


They were around 12 years old or so at the time...


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that just makes it even more impressive, nothing that I made when I was 12 even survived to this day

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