Can you connect with Iphone

Can you connect Zorin with Iphone?

If you wish to tether your iPhone with your computer, please make sure that the USB Tethering setting has been enabled on the phone. When you plug your phone into your computer over USB, it should connect your computer to the Internet using your iPhone’s data plan.

Regarding Zorin Connect, we currently only have an Android app available for Zorin Connect, so it’s not possible to use it with iPhone.

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Any plans to include this feature?

We don’t have any solid plans at the moment.

Due to Apple’s stringent yet (often) nebulous and arbitrary policies about the apps they allow into the App Store, we have concluded that — at this time — it would be too risky to spend the time and resources to develop an iPhone version of the Zorin Connect app.

There’s a high likelihood that Apple may reject it due to the app being made for Linux desktops only, which is a platform we don’t believe they care much about supporting. In addition, the iPhone’s app development APIs give more limited access to the phone than on Android, so there won’t be a way of replicating many of the features found on the Zorin Connect Android app on iOS.

As a result, we’ve decided to focus our development efforts on Android, which is a more open platform for apps and is more popular than iOS.

However, it’s looking like Apple’s stranglehold over app distribution is currently being contested by antitrust committees, so a change here might make it more likely for us to develop an iPhone app in the future.