Can you enable the Top Bar (the one Ubuntu and most other Distros have) without paying for Zorin Pro?

I cant live without it

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Isn't it the fourth choice on Zorin Appearance > Type?

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it is but I need an taskbar. I want it like in Ubuntu

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You mean you want both that top bar and even the low screen taskbar?

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yes exactly

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You probably need something like the Dash to Dock extension with the GNOME Shell look.

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It is easy enough to do. First just move the 'taskbar' to the top of the screen.

  1. Start Position:

  1. Moved to the top:

If you haven't got gnome-tweaks installed, install it (Gets named 'Tweaks' in the Menu.

Go to Appearance:

And turn on Applications:

Then Places:

Turn off Zorin Menu:

Add new panel by installing gnome-panel via Synaptic Package Manager:

And your thin panel appears at the bottom.

Job done!

Changed theme to Arc-dark as this makes menus more readable:


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