Can you install Zorin from Terminal CLI?

Hello. I am wondering if you can installing Zorin something near "manjaro technician"? Something like here?

Why would anyone want to install an OS via command line, when a USB installer is available? I think you might be in love with terminal and want to do everything in it.

With terminal I can choose what i want install and what type themes and apperance Zorin gnome,xfce4 or i3. Software programs and etc.

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When I more time working with terminal then i have more command in my head. I know some are standard and someone will be changed with time because always code is changed. I saw @StarTreker here on this forum have some guide command in terminal for beginners very usefull.

I've come to the realization that none of my posts are useful, and if I could delete them all I would, but the system won't let me. Please do continue your terminal education, as Linux appears to utilize it for far more then Windows does. And does MAC even have a command line? I don't remember it back from my MAC education years ago, so I don't think it does but who knows.

Of course.
That's how I installed OSX and managed Clover bootloader when I was running Hackintosh. Many commans are common between macOS and Linux as this solution given by Michel demonstrates.

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Information on servers can be exist many years. It could be usefull for next generation or some people who liked old times like a vinyl plate.

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