Can you install Zorin OS Core on an Amazon Fire HD 10 (7th gen) with the OS Version

Hello, just wanted to ask if you could install Zorin OS Core on an Amazon Fire HD 10 (7th gen) with the OS version being . Well if it's rooted is it possible to install Zorin OS Core on it?

The answer is "yes... Kind of..."

You can install Zorin or another Linux Distro on the device using a Virtual machine within the Android Operating System.
If you are looking to install Zorin OS as the Only Operating system over the Android, I would say that it is not really doable at this time.

Saying it is "not possible" currently has some caveats. Because technically, it is possible, but would take a lot of work, is risky and wouldn't yield very good results.

I wanted to completely wipe the storage of the tablet and install Zorin. How could I do that?

I addressed this here:

Just need to know how to do it. You have any tutorials?

You would need a book. Or several.

As I said, it is technically possible... Building a nuclear warhead in your basement is technically possible... But you are not going to find a tutorial on that.

The tablet is built on ARM64, not AMD64 architecture.
You would need to change Zorin OS to be an ARM version.
Then create an arm bootable format that can be transferred, booted and installed on the tablet.
You would need to access and reconfigure the root of the tablet.
Then you would need to boot and install your self-created operating system.

I stated the caveat as a CYA measure, not to suggest that you could do that as todays project.
And even so, even if you did everything right - it may still fail. ARM has diverged heavily from Linux and continues to diverge with each passing month.
I installed Zorin OS on a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. It took me a couple of weeks of learning to do it and it wasn't worth having done it. But I cannot install it on a Samsung s20 phone... the hardware has diverged to the point that it cannot work anymore at all.

Net searching can begin pointing you in the right directions to study.
If you are truly set on this as a project, then you can achieve results in time and with a lot of learning and reading.
But a tutorial on what you ask does not exist.

If you want, you can go with the first option which would be much simpler:
Create a Virtual Environment on the Android OS in which you can install Zorin OS or another distro.
You can use chroot on droid to make that easier.
There are many guides or even Play Store Apps on Droid that can help you with that.

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Maybe asking on searching webbrowser if this possible anyway or some tutorial finding on YouTube channel wrote example how installing Linux on Amazon fire HD 10

If you want to replace android with Linux, it just isn't possible anymore.


We would not have any tutorials for that. replacing android kernel with linux kernel nowadays is very difficult due to secure-boot methods used by android devices.

If it is something you have your heart set on - and you understand there is no support guaranteed, you can try ubuntu touch which is designed fro android devices, then add the zorin repos and see if the themes and such work to give you a zorin experience. might work might not - I had iffy results with arm64 ubuntu on a rpi :slight_smile: - but again its not something that is supported - or likely to be. You're on your own

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I literally failed downgrading the tablet which is required to root and stuff

yeah they are a total pain to work with, often they will lock kernel versions of android on the firmware after upgrade so you ca't roll back for "security" reasons, but its to prevent rooting. If a linux tablet is something you really want, upgrade the firetab, sell it and get a pinetab :slight_smile:

And with Zorin 16 there are arm64 packages in the zorin repo so it should work with the pinetab even though they are geared for the rpi. But don't quote me on that (unless its true then go ahead :laughing:)


I found some arm64 distros like manjaro, but, what are touch focused arm64 distros? Or maybe I should ditch Linux and somehow install Windows on it?
Tell me which is better lol

ZorinGroup has expressed interest in creating an ARM version of Zorin OS.
Currently, to the best of my knowledge, the idea is Teased, not planned...

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If you look at the repo directories there are arm64 directories /packages , though they maybe imported from ubuntu - for my rpi, i installed ubuntu added the zorin repos and installed the packages, it mostly worked, few bugs but the pi400 is limited hardware wise and the performance of PiOS is just better and mainly because its optimized for the hardware lol - so im using that atm for the pi400.

heres an entry my rpi sees:

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I think i successfully downgraded the tablet since it's been loading for over a minute now
I'm afraid i could screw it up

You mean you have bricked your amazon fire tablet?

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