Can Zorin 17 (Lite or Core) handle taskbars across 3 monitors with the apps on the task bar being those on that monitor?

Hi, I'm currently a Windows user and I truly want to move to Linux and have tried a variety of distros, but Zorin catches my eye. I really like the possibility of being able to install Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator and some other apps that I use. However, that's not a deal breaker.

What is though, for me, is productivity. I really like how Windows can be configured so that applications that are running on a specific monitor only show up on the taskbar for that monitor. This ability really helps me as I tend to have a variety of applications going while doing development. I've tried numerous distros, and have yet to find one that can do this. However, I could be missing something.

I previously tried Zorin OS 16 by first booting from an USB and was excited, but it didn't even load up my additional two monitors that are connected via a Thunderbolt 4 dock via Display Port. Other distros, specifically the version of Ubuntu that Zorin 17 is based off of, has no trouble with the dock.

I understand that not all functionality would work with Live Boot, but didn't go ahead and purchase Zorin 16 Pro because I wanted to wait until Zorin 17 as there's a lot of new features.

So, does anyone know how Zorin 17 handles applications and task bars on all monitors?

I'd really appreciate anyone who can comment on this. I just don't want to purchase it and then try to request a refund. I feel my use case may be somewhat niche, and a refund for that would be somewhat unfair to the team who put it together.

Thank you,

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I cannot vouch for Core...
But as a Zorin OS Lite user, I can vouch for having individual and separate taskbars (panels) on all three monitors. In one instance I had five taskbars.


I'm not entirely sure and I can't test this right now, and probably won't until after the holiday season, but there is a setting for the taskbar to disassociate the programs that are run for each monitor. I believe it's under Zorin Appearance -> Interface -> Taskbar Settings -> Position:

  • Display panels on all monitors
  • Apply changes to all monitors

and under the Behavior tab:

  • Ungroup applications

I don't have multiple monitors to test this so some of these settings are disabled for me. But I seem to remember that on ZorinOS 16 that was the case. The taskbar has been redesign and some settings are different, so I don't know from the top of my head.


Awesome! Thank you @Aravisian and @zenzen!

So, I went ahead and finally got Zorin Pro and... it's growing on me. I can't figure out anyway to make it so that applications only show up on the appropriate taskbar on the monitor where the app is running. I have turned on launched new instances and tried various GNOME extensions (most made no changes). I can't determine if it's because Zorin 17 is running an older version of Ubuntu or if it's because it's a "special flavor". I tried a suggestion from reddit, but the app (dconf) couldn't be found.

There are some other issues, a lot related to the app store and the older version of Ubuntu... where I just found the experience to be a bit nicer in newer versions of Ubuntu or ElementaryOS or Linux Mint. Zorin does have some nifty niche features, the main of which I haven't tested yet... and that's running some Windows apps.

Zorin OS 17 is based on the latest available LTS Ubuntu.
It does, however, use a higher version of Gnome than the base uses.

You may be thinking of interim release Ubuntu versions, that are short term releases and unstable.

You can install dconf by running sudo apt install dconf-editor but this suggestion will not work as it refers to Workspaces which is not the same as physical monitors. A Workspace is a virtual desktop, you can cycle through them with Ctrl + Alt + , which you can use to achieve the effect you want. However, it may turn out to be a little confusing with so many monitors; you'd have to try and decide for yourself if it's worth it.

The monitor stabilization is better on 17 if i recall. It memorized my frequent settings like refresh rate, orientation and priority

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