Can Zorin Connect show conversation already in progress?

Scenario: I'm carrying on a text conversation on my phone with a contact. I finally make it to my computer and bring up a Zorin Connect messaging window. The window shows the contact name, but does not display the conversation in progress. Can Zorin Connect show my conversation up to that point so I don't have to keep looking at my phone for context? If not, I don't see the usefulness of the messaging function if I still have to use my phone.

What am I missing?

It does do so on mine... But it is slow and can take some time to load if you have a long conversation or a lot of conversations. If I am really hogging a lot of bandwidth, then it seems it won't connect after a long wait; I usually give up and start closing what I am working on or trying again later when I have less open.

I'm just converting from Windows 10 to Zorin OS Core 17. Apparently, this is one area where Windows 10 is superior. The Windows phone app connects immediately with the complete conversational information. :frowning:

I agree with this.
Microsoft is a two trillion dollar company and with such staff support - they have a lot of good solid software. It really makes you wonder what went wrong with the rest of it...
Windows Mobile messaging app works solidly.

Perhaps in time, KDE-Connect and its derivatives will follow suit.


That will be a long way-off from happening. Microsoft has a Linux award fund which employees get to choose. A year or so ago, the MS staff chose Gnome to be awarded the $10,000. KDE is struggling financially so KDE connect being as smooth as MS is a long way off. I have forgotten what the backend code is that Linux uses compared to Windows in terms of inputting shortcuts for symbols which can't be used in Linux. I think it is ascii code, Linux uses something different which is why you can't get an Equation Editor to run in Linux like you can in Windows, so wouldn't surprise me if it is something as simple (or as complicated) as that.

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I apologize. In the future, I'll keep comparisons to that other OS to myself.

Nevertheless... Does Zorin Connect work for others? The Zorin Web site indicates it works. Can someone help me get it to work on my Zorin OS Core 17 system? I was instructed by Zorin support to come here for help.

Some further reading:

A bug report:

The forum seeks to be a helpful place and a repository for general GnuLinux knowledge. However, specific apps may need more nuanced troubleshooting. You may need to expand your search to the KDE-Connect user help as well as utilizing this forum.
I am not passing the buck: ZorinGroup advised that you ask here since this forum has many helpful and experienced members. To get another referral elsewhere can feel like a handoff.
Rather, this is why I say to expand your search to include the KDE Connect support.
Zorin Connect is based on GSConnect which is a Gnome Shell Extension based on KDE-Connect. Ultimately, KDE-Connect is the source.

I use KDE-Connect since I am a Zorin OS Lite user and Lite uses XFCE, not Gnome.
Zorin OS is a Gnome Shell extension only.
Due to this, my experience in troubleshooting comes down to running commands for KDE-connect.

rm -rf ~/.cache/kdeconnect/

systemctl restart kdeconnectd

I am not sure how well these will translate to Zorin Connect.

They don't.
rm... Event not found
systemctl... service not found

This seems to describe the situation in GSConnect and that someone was working on it in July 2023...

but does that mean it hasn't worked since mid-2023? Does it work for anyone else?