Cannot able to login to the system

after giving name and password i'm not able to login to the system.

I suspect that the desktop environment is missing.

Depending on your desktop environment, run

sudo apt install -y zorin-os-desktop

if you're using core or

sudo apt install -y zorin-os-lite-desktop

if you're using lite.

after doinfg this my system works perfectly but there is a problem I'm not able to open any folders, and terminal etc..
..after clicking the folder nothing happens

as i clicked zorin appearance. i got this.

Maybe... updating might help? I see in the picture you gave us that there are updates. (See X updates can be applied)

First, see if you can do Ctrl + Alt + F2 to get back into the command line environment, then run

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Also, can you try accessing your folders from the command line environment?
For example:

cd [Path to Folder]

replacing [Path to Folder] with the path to the folder you want to access, e.g.,

cd ~/Documents

to change directories and


to see the contents in the folder.
That, or... it might be a broken install.

im not able to do ctrl + alt +f2

I am so sorry, it's Ctrl + Alt + F3.

i got this after doing full update.

Dependency problems?

But can you still access your folders in the command line environment with the command I gave you? :arrow_down:

now after restarting i got this..error.

but after complete rebooting i can login to the system but now my mouse and keyboard is not working.

I might have messed you up there. I can only apologise...

In that case... maybe someone like @Aravisian can help you with this?

@Aravisian, please forgive me.

should i re install zorin os? if i do then all the data will get deleted.. and my mouse and keyboard is also not working.

I do not think you did. I think his hard drive did. A sector failed taking critical system data with it.

Are you able to boot from a LiveUSB of Zorin OS, then access your drive to move your personal data onto a USB or External Hard Drive?

Once that is done, reinstall Zorin OS.

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