Cannot access hdd files

Hello everyone. I just installed Zorin Os 16.2 Core on my laptop. I have a SSD & a HDD. I installed zorin os and windows 10 on dual boot on my ssd. I wish to access hdd from both os with same files. But my hdd does not show up in zorin os after installation. What can I do in this situation without losing my hdd files?

If the drive is formatted as ntfs, you can open a file browser, click on it in the left "bookmark" pane, and it will mount for you to view and edit files. You can auto-mount it by adding an entry to /etc/fstab using the uuid (can be found in the disks app when you click on that drive) and adding the ntfs-3g mount option. Follow the format of the other entries and you'll see where it says ext4 for the other drive(s), that's the same position for the ntfs-3g.

In the disks app, when that drive is selected, what is the partitioning at the top? If it's MBR you may have to convert it to GPT for zorin to interact with it properly.

Problem is it doesn’t show in file browser. It only shows in disk app and no mount option. In disks app, GUID partition table is shown.

Few months earlier I had installed linux on a drive in my HDD and it allowed me to access all HDD drives. But now while installing, the HDD partitions are not shown and I have to install on my SSD and after installation, I cannot access HDD from Zorin OS. I can only see it in the disks option with its contents unknown.

How old is the platter drive?

In three months, it will be three years old.

Would you be able to share some screen shots of disks with that drive selected?

Did you use encryption in windows?

No. Bitlocker is turned off

It's a dynamic disk... sort of like an array. I was just reading up on it. I found this which will allow you to read the contents of the partitions (first response). I'll see if i can find something to convert it to ntfs so you won't have to go through all that.

Ok, according to Changing Windows dynamic disk partition to basic partition and not the full drive - Ask Ubuntu the only way to convert from a dynamic disk to basic is in windows... here is a link to achieve that... which should make it visible in Zorin, without added software.

You may be able to do this in a live image of windows if you aren't dual booting.

Use the diskpart commands in the M$ answers to attempt to convert the drive without removing your data (still backup)!

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Thanks. That solves it

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