Cannot add a vpn(c) connection in Zorin 17

Im new on Zorin 17 and wanted to add a vpnc connection to fritzbox. First i installed network-manager-vpnc-gnome and began to add the vpnc connection, but at least i could not add the connection finally, because the button was grayed out. I did the same as in Zorin 16.3
I also tried the same in an networkmanager with extended rights, but it was the same.
What can I do?

Thank you 337harvey for your answer. I just found out that it seems to be a bug in ubuntu 22.04. In this following link is a solution if anyone else has this problem too.

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I experienced the same issue with the Cisco IPSec-VPN and was not even able to connect after going through the above described workaround procedure and saving the settings.

An alternative solution to establish a VPN connection to Fritz!Boxes on your Zorin OS 17 system is to use WireGuard VPN. Recent Fritz!OS versions offer VPN (WireGuard) in addition to the VPN (IPSec) tab.

After installing the WireGuard package as well as the WireGuard gui from the Gnome Software app, you have to create a new WG connection in the Fritz!Box and download the config file.

The content of this file is simply pasted into the WireGuard gui on your Zorin OS 17 system, voilĂ . That's all, no modifications of the config file content needed, works like a dream...

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