Cannot configure Thunderbird for using Outlook


I am trying to add a Microsoft account to Thunderbird (115.2.0).
When I fill in my credentials in the account manager of TB, TB recognizes my account as a Microsoft account. I click OK and get a log-in screen presented .
Please view the attachment. I don't know what to type because the form doesn't look complete. I expect wants to check my credentials with the form.
Does Thunderbird support a Microsoft mail account anyway?
Some friend say 'yes', some friends say 'no way'.

Can anyone help?


I agree. that looks incomplete. I see checkboxes but no description. Lines, without purpose. Something is wrong, there.
We can see in the address bar that it is linking to MicrosoftOnline authorization.

You may need an additional plugin added to Thunderbird:

Thanks for the response.
Yes, it is definitely an authorization issue.
Unfortunately Thunderbird indicates that ExQuilla is not compatible with my TB version 115.2.0

How did you install Thunderbird? is it an apt or snap or flatpak?
I have no problem with Outlook on Thunderbird apt version, just have to add 2 extensions to get Calendar to sync though.
Provider for Exchange ActiveSync.

I used a flatpak...

Maybe remove that flatpak and install the apt version from Software Store. That works for me.

I will try.
What about privacy using the extension?

I can't answer that about privacy. TbSync can be configured to sync different parts of Outlook e.g. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks. I only select :ballot_box_with_check:Calendar for TbSync.

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