Cannot Copy

I have pendrive live ZorinOS cannot copy files from live usb to hard disk on any my pc?

Hello Bourne!

I think what we have here, is a failure to extractulate. I hate it when that happens!

This looks like a permissions issue to me. You may not have ownership of the drive. Have you right click on the USB drive and went to properties, and checked the permissions? Make sure you have full rights to the drive.


Yes but with permission root it can be with command cp in terminal wright?
root@zorin:~# cp linux-5.15.4.tar.xz /media/zorin/0645fa91-7698-4875-8915-90173368de09/bourne/Pobrane
cp: cannot stat 'linux-5.15.4.tar.xz': No such file or directory
Answear must be here

I am on live usb and mount from disk. Then I put a command
cp -av /home/zorin/Pobrane/linux-5.15.4.tar.xz/ /media/zorin/dev/sde4/bourne/Pobrane/
cp: cannot stat '/home/zorin/Pobrane/linux-5.15.4.tar.xz/': Not a directory

Your user account is named Zorin?
'linux-5.15.4.tar.xz' < This is not a directory. It is a compressed file.

I am not that good with terminal. Aravisian will be able to figure this out better then I. However, you may be writing the code wrong, since its saying not a directory.

cp is copying mv is moved. I think i need a mount two partitions then somehow i need a copy. Here example sudo cp -r /mnt/sdb2/* /mnt/sdd2/
Something doing wrong here
zorin@zorin:/$ cp -av '/media/zorin/0645fa91-7698-4875-8915-90173368de09/bourne/Pobrane/linux-5.14.16'
cp: missing destination file operand after '/media/zorin/0645fa91-7698-4875-8915-90173368de09/bourne/Pobrane/linux-5.14.16'
Try 'cp --help' for more information.
zorin@zorin:/$ cp -av /home/zorin/Pobrane/linux-5.15.4.tar.xz/ /media/zorin/dev/sde4/bourne/Pobrane/
cp: cannot stat '/home/zorin/Pobrane/linux-5.15.4.tar.xz/': Not a directory
zorin@zorin:/$ sudo mount /dev/sde4/Pobrane/
mount: /dev/sde4/Pobrane/: can't find in /etc/fstab.

Are you doing this on USB Live media?

What are you trying to do? maybe outlining that can help us to find the right command for your needs.
You cannot move or copy into anything other than a directory. The compressed kernel package is not a directory. You cannot turn it into one by leaving off the tar.gz extension.

cp - a this is command for copy archives? Yes USB Live media

I think i doing all wrong with a commands.

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sudo apt-get install mc it help?

What are you trying to do?

cp -r /home/zorin/Pobrane/ /media/zorin/dev/sde4/bourne/Pobrane
I am noob.
I want copy file from folder Downloads (Pobrane) USB Live Zorin to my hard disk

Bourne... What is the end goal, here?

I cannot copy fuil folder source to destination? Need some *

i find solution don't take advantage this problem.

learning 3h30min how to copy?

I don't know a linux have a very huge problems with copy a files. I mean I know why people not using him.

Permission issue, you have to set the permission to your own.

I used root in terminal. Then trying with command cp and access permission denied. I mount this hard disk. This is complicated.

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