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Cannot Copy

cp -r /home/zorin/Pobrane/ /media/zorin/dev/sde4/bourne/Pobrane
I am noob.
I want copy file from folder Downloads (Pobrane) USB Live Zorin to my hard disk

Bourne... What is the end goal, here?

I cannot copy fuil folder source to destination? Need some *

i find solution don't take advantage this problem.

learning 3h30min how to copy?

I don't know a linux have a very huge problems with copy a files. I mean I know why people not using him.

Permission issue, you have to set the permission to your own.

I used root in terminal. Then trying with command cp and access permission denied. I mount this hard disk. This is complicated.

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I will study that. Thanks for help.
You can get around this by running your file manager with root priviledges. In your terminal type "sudo nautilus". You should now be able to access the folders and files so you can copy them.
This i find on Ubuntu solution. It is correct?

gksudo nautilus
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gksudo was deprecated due to security concerns. Currently, using pkexec is preferred.
For reasons that make no sense, Nautilus will not work with pkexec sometimes.
@Frenchpress recommends using the "add Admin to right click in Nautilus" approach.
How to Open Files and Folders as Administrator in Nautilus in Ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04.

It appeared earlier that you were trying to move a file into a kernel package using the LiveUSB.
We might be more helpful if we Knew what you Are trying To Accomplish.

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My Zorin Pro is on hard disk. Loading with tty1. I have there a Kernel 15.1 unstable. I want installing 15.4;My Zorin Pro don't have any shell. Have installed xfce but when in terminal wrote startx. Xfce loading with propably some problems; mouse and keyboard not responding. Ubuntu Focal 20.4
If this probably cannot back to alive Pro? Some missing packages?
That why using Live USB to try copy stable kernel and installing on Pro.
I understandable if they are not in Zorin some missing packages can download from Ubuntu. It could be that Kernel not cooperate with Focal?

I would suggest booting into Zorin OS Pro, then tapping esc to enter the recovery menu.
This would be more effective than trying to copy a file from LiveUSB.

At the recovery menu - if the latest stable Zorin kernel is still installed, choose Advanced options for Zorin and try booting into the 5.11.0-40 kernel.
Or 5.11.0-38

If neither are installed;
Boot into Advanced Options, then Recovery - Go to the Recovery Menu and arrow key down to enable networking.
Once networking is enabled, back out to the recovery menu and arrow key down to Drop To Prompt.
Hit enter

sudo apt install linux-headers-5.11.0-40-generic linux-modules-5.11.0-40-generic linux-modules-extra-5.11.0-40-generic linux-image-5.11.0-40-generic

This should get you to a Known Working Stable Kernel.
Then boot normally into it.

If you want to then try installing the 5.15 kernel... That is on you. I wouldn't recommend it.


I will trying today. Don't have to much to lost.
The best is practice to learning.


That is why i have 2 installations, 1 as main os and one for testing (installed on a external drive)

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I was going your instruction with installation. When installing correct kernel.


There are good reasons to not install a Higher Kernel than what is released by ZorinGroup.
I, too, have experimented with this... And have completely ruined my copy of zorin OS as a result and had to reinstall Zorin OS.

Please... In future... stick with the known stable kernel on Zorin OS. Learning and experimenting is great, but best done on a test computer...

Error Code 127 is a generic code that means that an executable file was not found in the path it is supposed to be in. In this case, that is concerning, since it is referencing update-notifier.

Your startx error suggests that reinstalling xserver-xorg may help... But since there is another Root Problem noted above, it makes me wonder about the integrity of all the files in Root.
Can you access your data?

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After logging i have only CLI trying startx with xfce4 what is newest version freeze. That means this is huge spaghetti with packages. For me many distributions and kernels what coming from Debian or Ubuntu with milions guides is very difficult for normal user understand what touch or not touch.
This is only was example. The good I have a couple PC,laptops and thablets and mobiles. I don't have to much time for experience with this all stuff. One what I need simplify OS. I using linux when i want a peace around when users windows start sending bombs from many applications. That why with linux is more simple.Why? You have always a choice. I will trying start live usb then go to the Zorin rescue a files what i can. I have installed Zorin Core on old PC there isn't experimental.

If you want to lead an easy Linux life, I suggest you to keep everything more or less default like I do. I never experiment with my main desktop which I need for my work.

If I need to experiment, I have a submachine for that purpose.

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Interesting when using POP OS live usb. I don't have problems with copy from hard disk to another hard disk. This is diffrents when using live you cannot doing a source and destination from usb live but can do operations on another partitions?

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