Cannot create live usb ZORIN

I tried creating Zorin live usb on mx linux and it have some issue.
Tried isomager,etcher mx usb maker.
Don't have idea why i cannot create installation Zorin?

You mean my usb pendrive died?

I used that guide help me fix my usb pendrive.

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Fun tip for most UEFI (newer) .ISO images: Just copy the contents to a blank USB and boot - done!

I was trying to help someone else with bootable medium issue, not sure if they tried or not. I gave it a shot with Zorin Core 16.3 just to see, and worked perfectly. I've been using that method for a few years actually; takes a lot less time vs using Etcher or others. Still good apps to use though!

Also don't forget: In Disks, you can 'restore' the .ISO image to a USB. That mostly works as well..


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