Cannot download Zorin OS 17 Core (link broken)

I am trying out new OS for my old laptop and when i tried downloading the Zorin OS 17 Core the link asks login. I have actually tried downloading it before about 2 months ago and the link didn't have any login options(I didn't complete the download then)

the download link for the OS given in the Webpage is
there it redirects to here

I couldn't find any other way to contact the devs. I hope this reaches them fast. Pls help


Mirror in use is directing the user as shown above.


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You could use a different Mirror Server for that:

Close the automatic opened Download Window and click on the Download Page on the ''Download from a different server...'' Button and under it will open a Choice.

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The link would redirect when it is opened.

But i managed to download it now. The didn't redirect this time I opened it, it was processing the link, so i had time to choose the server.


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If You should have the Problem in the Future a little Tipp: You can go directly to the Mirror Server List. When You are on the Zorin Download Page you have at the first Position Zorin Pro, under it the other Versions, under that the Compare List, under the Compare List is the Link to the Checksums and under the Checksum Link is the direct Link to the Mirror Server List:

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