Cannot find a way to make desktop icons show up on desktop

I used to be able to see all of my desktop icons but now they are not visible and I cannot see a way to get them back.

The icons exist inside of the desktop folder itself but they are not showing up on top of the desktop background like they used to.

I have tried right clicking on desktop background but there is no option to show/hide desktop icons.

I have the button to show desktop icons toggle on in Zorin Appearance, toggling that on or off has no effect.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?

Gnome has been on the war path with Linux. And as such, you can't place icons on your desktop by default. You can try installing the icons on desktop extension to see if that allows you to do it. Some have success, while other's do not.

You can install Gnome Tweaks from the software store. Gnome Tweaks will allow you to manage your extensions. But it can also allow you to manage your appearance, as well as add system icons to the desktop!

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I restarted it and this brought my icons back.

I have had my computer on for a few days straight and noticed the GUI decay and get a little worse over time.

It seems okay now, never had this problem with Windows or Mac though so not sure if this is a gnome thing?

By the way, you can make sure that you have desktop icons set to 'on' in Zorin Appearance.

This way, you wouldn't need any extensions.


That setting is an extension, actually. It's just an included one in Zorin OS.


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