Cannot find Backup App on Zorin

Hello all,

Something strange has happened. I can no longer find my backup app in zorin os 16. I had set it to automatically back up to my unraid server, but when i went to check on it it is no longer there. I went to Utilities ->....... I even did a search for it and nothing. I looked on my server and saw the last backup was done, 11/17/2022. Nothing after that. Did the app get replaced by something else or does anyone know what is going on?

Any help is appreciated



The backup app, though listed as backup, is called deja dup. Try the system category, which is where it normally resides i believe.

You could take this opportunity to switch to timeshift, which does snapshots similar to windows. While it may be inconvenient in the short term, timeshift is an easy to use backup solution. The only issue I've ever had is that it requires an ext4 formatted partition to backup to (won't work with ntfs or fat32 since the source is ext4).

TimeShift is indeed a perfect solution
You can have these backups made automatically
or manually


@drezin We don't know which edition of ZorinOS you are using. Can you please edit your forum profile to indicate if Pro, Core, Lite etc. That will avoid us having to ask you that question each time.

In Core, deja dup should be listed under Utilities apps section as "Backup".

Oh shoot I am so sorry, I am using Zorin 16.2 I originally installed Zorin 16 and it had come up when i searched for backups. Had this changed or was my system just strange.

To the point of Timeshift, I had used that before but i read somewhere that this was not a good solution. I agree Timeshift is faster but I have read horror stories of people trying to recover with timeshift. I usually save my backups to my unraid server.

Anyways i looked in utilities and do not see deja dup or backups here is a screen shot .

Any help is apreciated

Thanks Drezin

Did you look in system (system tools) ? As i said before, i believe that is the default location.

It will be listed as backup

It was not in system tools either. I just went to the Software store and downloaded it again, then set it up again. No Worries.

Thanks all for your help.

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I just marked your last post as "Solution".

Out of interest, since re-installing it, is "Backup" now listed again in Menu's. If so, which sub-menu is it listed on your machine?

Thanks @zabadabadoo ,

It is listed in Utilities -> Backups.
Screenshot below

Thanks for the help.


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