Cannot install Zorin 16 on a device because of Intel RST

I wanted to install Zorin OS 16 on my Dell G7 7588 that has a 1TB NVMe drive and a second 1TB hard drive. I already have an installation of Fedora on that hard drive, but it can't see the NVMe drive. When attempting to install Zorin OS 16, I get stopped by the Intel RST error. Is it safe to follow the Ubuntu website's instructions to disable RST when you have an NVMe drive and hard disk installed in your system?

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Can you turn off Intel RST from your BIOS? Intel RST sometimes prevent you from seeing your drives. If you don't need the technology, you can just disable. :+1:

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Yes, you can disable RST, you will find the setting in your BIOS. Please switch from RST to AHCI. SAVE and reboot.

The Zorin installer should be able to see your drive now. :+1:


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