Cannot join displays, can only mirror

Working with zorin 16 and just connected an external monitor, apparently i can only mirror the displays but cannot "join" them. Am receiving the error that joining the screen "is not possible" due to hardware limitations. Am connecting via HDMI cable.
Any help is much appreciated. Have also attached a copy of the display settings screen.

If it's a hardware and/or driver limitation of graphic card there may be nothing to do about it.
What's your GPU (sounds like intel).

sudo apt install inxi
inxi -G

Yep its intel, plus the external monitor that am using is not those high costs ones, its a hp elitedisplay E232. Attached is the outcome of the command:

Are you using scaling or fractional scaling?

You might try changing your Refresh rate from 60Hz to 30Hz and testing to see if it works to join displays.

I just was looking over some rather long standing bug reports for Gnome Control Center and I can see that the error message you get:
Changes cannot be applied, this could be due to hardware limitation may be a Settings app (Gnome control center) issue.

You can verify this using a LiveUSB of Zorin OS Lite to see if you have the same issue on it or not.

I'm no expert in intel (Nvidia guy here), but I found a guide to update the intel: Steps to Install Intel Graphic Drivers on Ubuntu 20.04LTS - LinuxForDevices

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