Cannot login in zorin after updating to zorin 17 from 16

I recently upgraded to zorin is 17.1 from 16 and the update was done. After restarting my laptop as required in the upgrading process, I tried logging into my laptop but it doesn't work.

When I login, loading indicator appears for a split second and then the login page appears again (as if the page was just restarted). I am unable to login and every time same thing happens.

Though, I clicked on the settings icon on the bottom right corner and when changing to gnome (from zorin os), i am able to login normally (but the os running may not be zorin in that case? - i am a noob so idk much of what's going on).

The laptop is running on a dual boot with windows (if that makes any difference).

Hi and welcome to the forum. I assume you used upgrader to go from 16.n Core to 17.1 Core. A screenshot would help understand what you mean by change from gnome from zorin, as that is unclear.

I stumbled on your 6d old unanswerd post today deep down in the topics list. Did you find a solution in the meantime.