Cannot restart my laptop - blank screen blinking cursor

The laptop is stack with this small dash on the top left. What should I do?

Can you press ctrl+alt+f5 (or f4, f3)

It doesnt work. Before it crashed it gave me warning of low memory inside a specific directory and I could not download a pdf from the gmail.

If you ran out of memory on your computer, that would explain the crash. Then use the button on your computer to reset it.

Tried that and nothing changes.

Do you have your installation USB stick. Insert that and see if you can boot into that.

If not try and get into your BIOS and check out boot devices.

Low memory or Graphical Issues can cause this.
Please relay the disk size and space used, RAM size and the Graphics card that you are using.

As @zabadabadoo suggested, you can boot using the LiveUSB of zorin OS that you used to install Zorin OS with and backup and save personal files onto another drive/USB stick.

I have an 2013 thinkpad x230i. 8gb ram and 250 ssd.

I dont, i am on vacation right now.

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