Cannot run python in Geany : Zorin Os Core

I cannot run python program in Geany on ZorinOSCore 16.
The error said
Cannot execute build command "xterm -e "/bin/sh /tmp/"":No such file or director. Check the Terminal setting in Preferences
Please help.
Thank in advance

Which client are using, for idle run

sudo apt install idle

Running python programs directly is not possible in Linux, like it is in windows😉

The terminal output may have given you a helpful clue on this.
In your terminal settings, change (xterm -e "/bin/bash c%") to (gnome-terminal -e "/bin/bash" c%) for Zorin OS Core and change (xterm -e "/bin/bash c%") to (xfce4-terminal -e "/bin/bash" c%) for Zorin OS Lite.

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