Cannot switch between users / "Login as another user" does not work

Hello forum,

I find that I can’t switch users in Zorin 15.3 and am trying to figure out why this is not working as expected.

I have 4 user accounts (one admin, three standard). Logged in as the admin account, if I select Switch user I get sent to the lock screen. So far so good.


Now if I hit Login as another user I’m straight back to my lock screen with no option to switch accounts.

Any thoughts appreciated!

Hi @dnm and welcome to the forum.
Which version of Zorin 15.3 are you using (Core or Lite etc)
I gave up on trying to switch users on Core.
I have found the only reliable way of changing users is to logout, then login afresh as the new user from the login screen.

Hi @zabadabadoo, thanks for the reply. Good to know I’m not the only one having this problem. I’m using core.

Out of interest, following instructions based on a SO post (for another issue), I changed virtual consoles with Ctrl+Alt+F3 and this actually seemed to solve my problem (at least so far). The Switch User item now works as expected!

I have no idea why this would work but hopefully it helps someone else experiencing the same problem.