Canon i-SENSYSMF4410

Hello! I've already installed drivers for MF4400 series (linux-UFRII-drv-v340-uken package), Zorin detected the MF and I can manage printer and scanner. But printer does not print (documents remain in the print job) and the scanner is always busy. Please, help to fix.

Was there a guide that specified this?
Have you tried:

sudo apt install cnijfilter2

That version number does not match any on Canon official website. The current version released on 06.02.2023 is V5.70:

@Aravisian - that command will not work for Canon - you have to download the Linux driver from Canon official website/s. It is what I have had to do with my PIXMA.

You need to extract the .tar.gz file and go to the path given in the image below:

Downloads | linux-UFRII-drv-v570-m17n | x64 | Debian

Use Gdebi to install the .deb file :


sudo apt install gdebi



After installing reboot the computer then open Settings | Printers and click on Additional Printer Settings or alternatively via a terminal enter

sudo system-config-printer

Then select the newly installed driver which is the one for


You should now be able to print.

Having searched driver support, surprisingly, canon no longer provide a scanner driver for the MF-4410 (if they ever did!). You might be better just trying the 'Document Scanner' within Zorin itself.

Notice to select the scanning device it needs to be the ESCL option.

If that fails, check out VueScan at


Thank you very much!
It works!

For scanner:

  1. run any scanning sw (xsane, scan2pdf, etc...)
  2. press COPY/SCANNER button on MF4410 and select REMOTE SCAN
  3. start preview/scan
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cnijfilter2 doesn't exists in repo, manual install didn't fix issue.

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