Canon MG2522 printer

How to get my canon mg2522 printer to print with zorin os. When I found Document Scanner, it can scan on my printer. The issue is how to get my printer to print. Please advise.

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I went to the product support page, but it does not seem very promising:

There is no Linux 64 bit driver.

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Other member also has Canon printer but at the end gave up and switched to HP printer (which is best supported printers in Linux).

Try this

sudo apt install cups-backend-bjnp

You need to go to "Printers" in settings, and add a new printer. once that package is installed, it will auto-detect the printer again

Dear Michel

I opened the Terminal window in Zorin OS 16 which I followed your recommendation to enter these commands: sudo apt install cups-backend-bjnp. However, after I did this, I can't find printer settings in Menu. Please advise. Please respond as soon as you can. Thank you very much.

After 6 days i get a reply and you want me to reply as fast as i can ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am out of ideas.


Under Printer Details rather than settings?
You might also remove the print entirely and then try re-adding it after having run the command @Michel suggested.

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This screen i meant (settings -> printers -> add printer)

I don't have a lot luck with Canon Printers, the only one that works is a Canon Pixma Colour Printer other than that none of them work on Linux.

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