Canon pixma 3150 how to install please?

Last week I put Z16 lite on the Toshiba laptop of an artist I know. She loves it and couldn't be happier, emails, documents, Gimp etc are coming naturally to her, but today she messaged and said "my printer will not work at all". I am driving over there in 2 days to have a look at it.
Does anyone have any experience of this particular printer and how to go about this please?
It may be a simple communication thing with the wifi router, I hope.
Canon have a 64bit ubuntu driver download listed on their support page for all Pixma 3100 series , any pointers on installing it would be helpful please.
Thanks for reading.

Please post the link of the driver you found. When I type “pixma” on Canon U.S.A., Inc. | Drivers & Downloads
I see some “G” series but nothing for 3100 series.

Be aware I have not installed any driver or even seen the printer in question, at the time of installing z16 I was unaware it was even there. She forgot about it when I asked what peripherals were required to work.

IF the printer doesn't work by just simple plug-n-play, then this is the one you want:

Extract, right-click on the file -> Properties -> Permissions -> check the box for Allow executing file as program -> Close.

Now double click the file and respond Run/Yes/Allow for any prompt.

it is all sorted, a quick chat down the phone, she was simply unfamiliar with the wifi direct connection procedure.
No driver downloads or such were required, this printer works "out of the box" with Z16 lite.
Thank You for Your input.

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