Canon pixma IP 2772/2700 Printer doesn't work, Driver doesn't found

Canon pixma IP 2772 Printer doesn't work, Driver doesn't found, please help to guide how to install driver step-by-step

I tried as best as I could but nothing works :pensive: , Please help

Double-click on the .deb file called "Canon_1-2_all". Though the looks of it, you have downloaded 32-bit version. If you're on a newer computer and using Zorin 16 you need to get 64-bit version.

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do you have any link for 64 bit driver to download???? please help

Try this method first:

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There's no official driver for printer regarding 64-bit. The latest is from 2010 which is 32-bit (the one you downloaded). So your best bet is to follow the guide I posted.

thank you so much for your help, lets hope it works :grinning:

OMG thanx it works like a charm. Method 3 works for me. Many many thanx

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I trust my reading of that is correct.


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