Canon Pixma iX6850 does not print from LibreO

"Learning": yup, bumbled my way into the use of Ctrl+alt+T...
then, ctrl+D... soo relieved can copy/paste to/from terminal;
next trick: screen grabs.

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Should be shift+backslash


sudo apt remove ippusbxd

Once done, open the folder with the printer cjnfilter .deb packages and use them to uninstall, then reinstall the drivers. If the Automated Self Installer gives you a hard time, I highly recommend using Gdebi to manage .deb packages. It is more informative and more user friendly. It has a Reinstall and a Remove button, too.

sudo apt install gdebi

Right click a .deb package and you can set gdebi as default, too.

I’m back (oh! No!)

Due to running out of USB ports, Moved from little Lenovo IdeaCentre 300S to middlin’ Lenovo ThinkCentre M82… added PCI USB 3 expansion card, all ports work!
Zorin 16.3 Pro installed on both machines
With Canon Pixma iX6850 connected via USB (WiFi connect… no joy).
At Settings/Printers:
“Canon iX6800 serie...S+Gutenprint V5.3.3”…
umm, ok… never downloaded/installed drivers(?)
FWIW, M82 was ‘net-connected, as well as printer, during Zorin install.
(with the intent that Zorin would detect printer, and “take appropriate action”)

So far, so good (methinks)… but alas!! Nay! But nay!
First, with LibreOffice Writer, created page: “this is a test print”
Next, when initially drawing a page of paper, the printer sounded as it was going to fly apart.
Then, after much rather ugly internal machinations and clunks, the printed page shot out like an odd-job razor hat.
As this Zorin install was on a virgin Samsung 2T SSD, swapped original WIN10Pro SSD back and tested machinery; all functioned flawlessly (no “extra quiet” settings, etc.)
AND, Zorin/LibreOffice printout read: “...a test print”, vs. “this is a test print” cutting off the left portion of: “this is”;

is “Gutenprint not so printen gut?
SO, went to recommended Canon South and Southeast Asia:
iX6800 series IJ Printer Driver Ver. 4.10 for Linux (debian Packagearchive)


cnijfilter-common_4.10_amd64.deb (160kB)
cnijfilter-ix6800series_4.10-1_amd64.deb (716.0kB)
ignored the i386 files
Tried the larger file (what the heck, eh?):

“Unable to install cnijfilter-iX6800series:
The following packages have unmet dependencies”

Then the smaller:
“software is ready”...
"Unable to install cnijfilter-common:
could not resolve /home/john/.cache/.fr-8EFMK/cnijfilter-ix6800series-4.10-1-

Also gave "install shell" a shot:
volumes of greek scrolled by... manually scrolled to the bottom, no prompt...
closed and moved on. (or was I supposed to wait until a victorious "TA DAA"?)

At settings/printers: “4.10” does not show up for iX6800series...
just "ja, ja, vee bee printen gut" :wink: :wink:

So far, Gutenprint still ain’t printin’ so gut;
either I missed something with LibreOffice Writer, or,
I missed a “sudo apt” step
(most assuredly not the last time, for this... adventurer)

Just did a websearch of "Canon Pixma iX6850 Ubuntu 20.04".

Does anything here help you? How to Install Canon iX6820/iX6840/iX6850 Printer on Ubuntu 20.04 •

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