Canon Printer installation

Definitely check into a refill kit with the resetter tool - those are pretty handy!

But yeah no worries! :sunglasses:

Sorry I was late to the Party - surprised no-one before @PlumpKibbles had spotted the hp-lip error!
Have you also downloaded the Scanner driver for the Canon?

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Oh yeah, linked that ScanGear driver - turned out to be cartridge status related. Apparently, Canon locks their scanning feature out when the carts are low / emtpy :expressionless: that's lame.. But, there's a way to disable the checking - seems like new carts are on the rise though haha

I linked some info on the resetting tool out there, I think normally comes with the kit to refill with. The new stuff has chips in the carts now that will prevent further use after a level drop in ink. But, the refill kits come with a chip resetter tool (I think that's pretty neat) to blank the chip and refill. Just an option though, I know carts are expensive sometimes!

I usually go through 2 sets a year. The main colours are about £50-£60 and then I have to purchase the 'thick' black ink tank and 'photo blue' ink separately at about £15 each.

I wonder if using Vuescan would circumvent the issue as it uses its own method of scanning, may be wrong.

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Haven't had a printer for a while... but yeah, it was always a PITA to get new carts and all - then if not used they dry up and wither :unamused: Toner is the way to go lol but that's even more, sometimes.

That may - there has to be something that disregards the tank status and just scans :thinking:

PC Load Letter | Zindagee

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My suggestion might work, bearing in mind the demo is free but not the app.

and no guarantees.

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