Can't access google Zorin OS 16.1

hello i installed Zorin OS 16.1 and found a bizarre issue i can search with Duckduckgo for example but not with google i also can't access gmail so i can't access the whole website any help ?

Google and Gmail should work just fine. Are you accessing them in your browser?
You can check your web browsers settings to see if anything is being blocked.

i searched just in case unfortunately there is no such a thing in fact i'm using the default Firefox with default settings ferthermore i had the same issue when i was in live cd

I cannot think of anything within default Zorin OS that would or could explicitly block Google / gmail...

i also can't access Facebook but i can access twitter it's obivious the common thing here lol
thanks for help anyway

Do you see any kind of error message like a 404 error?

The error codes will tell us more. Also, your general location (country). Certain parts of the world ban access to such services. Have you tried restarting your router? If it's attempting to access a cached ip, it may have changed (servers do use dynamic ip addresses nowadays).

A little more info would be beneficial.

I think you can Switch to Brave-Browser. Its Better than Firefox and Chrome anyway. Download it via the terminal so that it work's the best and if possible you should transfer all the data and uninstall Firefox.:wink:


I had a similar thing happen I could not use Google Chrome and could not access my Gmail. It turned out that I was not signed in to my Google account but there were no warnings to let me know. As soon as I did that voila !!. Dont know if this is relevant to your problem but maybe.

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