Can't boot 32bit Zorin on a 32 bit uefi laptop

As per the topic your 32bit lite version of Zorin does not have the files in the boot partition to boot it on a 32bit UEFI laptop only 64bit EFI files

Yes, unless something has changed, Canonical does not support UEFI on 32 bit builds. You would need to go into the device BIOS, then switch to “Legacy.”

I had to go the bootia32.efi route using Rufus as if I DD your image you haven’t left a big enough boot partition for anyone to add the file to a USB if they need it.

I would go the legacy boot option but the Linx 1010 doesn’t appear to have that option in the “bios”

(Yes I know that Uefi is not bios)

So please consider enlarging the boot partition just to enable dropping the file into that partition if someone is creating their boot media via DD

I am not familiar with the Linx 1010; I had to look it up. It looks like a Tablet PC.
Pretty neat gadget.
Were you able to resize the partition or do you need some information to get that installation completed?

I’ve done the installation using Rufus and then use ISO option and then adding the bootia32.efi file to EFI/BOOT/ folder on the partition created by Rufus.

I can’t be the only person with a mini pc with a 32bit EFI and a 64bit processor.

It was only just a bit of feedback to ask if the boot partition could be made 5Mb bigger which would make adding that file easier if DD was used to create the media.

The only reason I added this is because I thought a 32bit version of Zorin would have this compatibility as standard as it’s designed for 32bit computers.

Perhaps you could send a PM to azroin on the forum to ensure he sees your suggestion.

Of course, you understand I needed to check to ensure youhad everything working rather than shrug my shoulders and hope that you did. :wink:

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Thank you for asking I do appreciate it