Can't boot from usb drive

Are there any way to install zorin 15 from DVD? My old laptop can’t boot from usb. I updated the BIOS but, there is no option to boot from usb drive.

Toshiba Satellite L35-S2161

Thank you!

Yes, you can download the ISO and burn it to any dvd 4 gig or so disk with your preferred DVD burner.

That said…
Looking at this page:

Attach the Bootable USB Memory Stick and Enter the BIOS Menu (2 ways to enter the BIOS Menu)

  1. Press and hold F2 immediately after powering on the unit
  2. From the Boot Menu highlight “” and press Enter.
  • Use the side arrows to select the “Boot” section.
  • Expand the HDD title
  • Select the “USB Drive” (name may vary) and move it to the top (F5 and F6 Key)
  • Exit Saving Changes

Thank you!
I cant’t open that page.
Boot menu doesn’t have USB Drive

  • HDD
  • FDD
  • DVD
  • LAN

What app can use to create the bootable DVD ? or just burn the Zorin-OS-15.2-Lite-32-bit.iso into the DVD? what’s the process?

Thank you so much!

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If you are using a Windows machine, either of these will burn iso’s.

Plus, many more at CNET

If you have a Linux machine you can download Brasero from your repository.

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Thank you!

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On Windows machine I would use no other DVD burning application than imgburn - get it from here:

Find it under utilities - this creates an installer file that you download to your desktop, run it and it will install your app/s to Windows - saves clicking on wrong links on the various useful apps that usually have lots of ads on the site and can easily click on something you didn’t want in the first place. On Linux, the best burner by far is K3b - why? Because it has a checksum window for downloaded isos so before you burn you get confirmation whether the iso is corrupted or not when you check it against the md5 sum.
If having issues booting from USB, I used this great little app when booting from USB DVD drive on a very old Toshiba Satellite Pro: Plop Boot Manager

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Unetbootin ( allows the option of installing to your existing OS and then you can install Zorin without using either DVD or USB.