Can't boot into Windows from Zorin

I recently installed ZorinOS. I installed it on second drive and everything was fine, until i wanted to switch to windows. I thought while launching my PC i will see "Launch Windows" button (or something similiar). I tried boot repair, but it didn't help. I think the problem is that my Windows is LegacyWindows (thats what bootrepair told me). When i try to boot in to disk when Windows is installed, terminal launches and tell me that normal.mod file was not found - tried looking for it with ls but didnt succeed. What should i do?

Also one thing that maybe could help:
i got two disks
SSD with windows
HDD with zorin on it, however when i boot in to disk it shows terminal with "normal.mod file was not found". To launch zorin i need to select "ubuntu (HDD ..)" from list.

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Try this post recovery/ fix GRUB.

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You placed the grub partition on the second drive? You will have to switch boot devices (drives) unless you overwrite windows boot manager.

If windows is installed in legacy (32 bit) mode, you will still have an issue since efi and zorin will boot in 64bit. Zorin expects a GPT disk unless configured for a legacy drive (MBR). Your best bet is to reinstall windows in 64bit. Then you eliminate your issue the easiest. You can do it without reinstalling but it will be a process that may still result in the same occurring.

You can look into the mbr2gpt tool M$ offers, or search how to do this in Linux. I've seen both offered.


I could reinstall it, but the biggest problem here is that i dont want to lose files.. Installing everything from start would be horrible. I dont know where did i put grub partition tbh, how do i check it? When i choose drive that contains windows it shows me grub rescue mode.

I have that issue i used a live usb linux and there go that guide

Thank you guys i used windows bootrec and it's working rn, for some reasons i still can't get into windows from zorin startup menu but when i choose windows as primary boot drive it works!

Good to hear you fixed the windows side, now.
Please follow below instructions to help reconfigure GRUB.

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When it is setup correctly.
Booting your pc will boot into Windows.
To Boot into a second drive you need to select BIOS on bootup & select the second drive.

Or you can set the 2nd drive as "Priority" & then use the GRUB to select either drive/OS.

Note: This will only work if you installed GRUB to 2nd drive with Zorin.

Not sure if this Grub Customizer is going to help with different efi partitions (i.e. different disks) as I always prefer using the same efi partition for dual install.

Anyway, give it a try and see if it can detect all efi partitions on all disks.

If your windows is mbr then use EasyBCD (the free one) from Neosmart.

I made a video about it on earlier windows and earlier Zorin here:

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