Can't boot zorin with UEFI

I have used Zorin starting with 9. I have installed it on legacy computers, now I have a new MSI Laptop that is UEFI/GPT. I duel boot with windows. I have allways clicked "something else: and put boot grub on the same partition as Zorin. Then i use easy BSD in windows to set up zorin. this how i've done it from the begining. Now with this new computer I can install Zorin, But I cant boot it with Easy BSD or boot repair iso. I have tried this several Times and it doesn't work. Can any body help me.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

EasyBCD is for legacy BIOS only.
You need EasyUEFI:

Unfortunately, it is not free like easyBCD.

Did you disable secure boot in BIOS?

Make sure you install Zorin in GPT not in MBR mode since I believe your Windows is pre-installed in GPT mode. For dualboot, both Windows and Zorin have to be installed in the same mode.

Hi @TWH0523 welcome to the forum first and foremost ! And having someone that has used former versions helps us with past experience.

Please take the time to place your current Zorin OS in your profile so others know how to help resolve your questions.

It also is a Huge help to provide what your system is spec wise in tackling issues.

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My computer is a MSI Leopard laptop with a I7, 5 ghz 6core 12 thread processer,
with 64 gb 0f ddr 4 memory. It has a 4tb and a 250gb SSD's. the 250gb has windows on it, and Zorin is on the 4 tb, 100gb partition. The 4 tb is WD, and the 250 gb is a kingston ssd

All My OS's are on a Ventoy formated 128 gb usb drive

To me, that constitutes a single point of failure :upside_down_face:


I use a ventoy formated 128gb USB drive for all my OS's + other tools. If I try to install a program that isn't uefi capable ventoy tells me so and wont run it. And yes I have sucure boot disabled. So I know all my OS's are UEFI. (windows is windows 11, It cant be installed on a GPT/Legacy computer.

I think we need a ventoy specialist.
I've never used it myself.

I reinstalled Zorin on its partition and put boot grub in the windows UEFI boot partition. It still wont boot, in fact Zorin doesn't show up in the boot menu.

This sounds like an EFI settings issue or possibly secure Boot interference.

If I reinstall Zorin on its partition and let it choose its boot partition. 1: willit work and 2: will it wipe out that partition.

Thank you, Aravisian. I went into bios, selected UEFI settings and chose Ubuntu on kingston,
and now it boots to the Zorin boot menu and I can choose windows menu if I want to. Thankyou so much, Ive been trying for 3 months to get zorin to work. For


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