Cant Change PDF Files to Open with Adobe Reader

I have installed Adobe reader from the snapstore but it does not show up as an option to pick as default.

I saw an issue like this on the forum but the solution I saw did not seem applicable to this issue as it suggested running:-
pkexec nautilus which failed when I tried to run it.

For a few months now I have been using Okular to open and read PDF documents. It works great! And it will also read almost any other kind of text document.


Thanks for this tip.

I get PDF's with forms in which I need to fill in and send back and I think Okular will not be able to do this based on reading the description.

Master PDF Editor should do what your looking for I use it to sign business pdf transactions regularly can be found in Software store

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Thanks I have installed Master PDF Editor. This should do most of what I need.

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