Can't Connect 2nd monitor

Although this may be software my current issue includes an inability to connect my second monitor, my second monitor works on windows which I have installed as a second OS (compatibility). When I attempted to fix the issue with the assistance of tutorials and the desktop guide I ended up with the possibility that the settings I have are different from the guide shown below. Any help would be appreciated.

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I think @StarTreker has more than one display on his setup and might be alble to help you. I already connected multiple displays, but they all connected automatically.

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With all monitors connected that you are using, please run this command in terminal.

CTRL ALT T to bring up terminal

sudo lshw -C display

For the record, that was my experience as well, it immediately detected the monitor I plugged in.

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I got this response, btw its supposed to be 1920x1080, 144hz monitor and the gpu is correct

I assume you are using the proprietary Nvidia driver for your GPU?

I also assume you have checked your Nvidia Xserver Settings?

You say you are dual booting with Windows? Well, Windows likes to have SECURE BOOT enabled, and that can cause real issues with Linux. If you were to disable SECURE BOOT in the BIOS, that might also fix the problem you are having.


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Thank you for the assistance secure boot was the issue. I enabled it for windows 11.


You are very welcome, I am so glad that I was able to help you! And don't forget, you are positively stellar! :star2:

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