Can't connect between my desktop and my phone with zorin connect


My issue is that I can't connect my laptop and my phone with zorin connect. I tried all the things I read in others topics and websites. Nothing worked. I can't see either my laptop or my phone on the zorin connect apps (on android and zorin os 16). Please, can someone help me ?

Thank you

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I had the same problem...If you search "Zorin Connect" in the search field of this forum you will find several similar problems...
This answer by @swarfendor437 worked for me:

UFW is the firewall by the way.


I must admit that I foolishly have not bothered with ufw in Zorin16 and KDE Connect works flawlessly - so the issue will be ufw but then lack of it can potentially be a security hole. Yes KDE Connect because I am using KDE desktop not Zorin Default - See if installing KDE resolves the issue. Zorin Connect is a combination of KDE Connect and GS Connect - that might be the issue also.


@Yoanndk Which edition of ZorinOS do you have e.g. Core, Lite , Pro etc.
Can you please edit your forum profile to indicate which you have. That will help us help you.

I believe "Zorin Connect" is for gnome editions of ZorinOS, wheras "KDE Connect" should be used on xfce editions e.g. Lite.

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Sometimes, on Zorin Connect, you must also hit the hamburger menu and add the computer by I.P., too.

Thanks to all trying to help me. Actually, I managed to get it done. Don't ask me how I did that, I have no clue. I did almost everything I found in forums !


I had the exact same problem. My computer was perfectly able to find KDE Connect but not Zorin Connect. I tried turning the firewall on and off, adding exceptions etc. but nothing worked. Then, a few days later it did work even though I didn't do anything in the meantime.

Now, my computer and phone automatically connect without any problems.

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